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Call Your Senator NOW--STOP Right to Work in WI

WFNHP Local 5001's Connie Smith, surgical tech at St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee, waited for hours to testify before the Senate Committee on Labor & Government yesterday, but was cut off when Senator Nass abruptly ended testimony, thereby shutting down the democratic process, to ram through a vote on the anti-worker Right to Work bill.

Attempting to silence the voices of its workers is a shameful way to conduct public policy in our state.


STOP Right to Work in Wisconsin

Workers and community members from across the state are gearing up to make their voices heard and participate in democracy this week at the Capitol in order to STOP anti-worker Right to Work legislation in Wisconsin.

You can participate by attending one of the following rallies:

12 Noon - Tuesday, February 24th - Rally on the State Street side of the Capitol in Madison.

12 Noon - Wednesday, February 25th - Rally on the State Street side of the Capitol in Madison.


Visit the AFT Legislative Action Center

Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Click here to visit the AFT's Legislative Action Center.

WFNHP's Exceptional Recall Volunteers

Neither rain, nor winds, nor injury or disability keeps WFNHP members from volunteering to RECALL Walker and RECLAIM Wisconsin.

Bonnie Pedraza, VA Hospital retiree, explained that the rain did not bother her as she grabbed a packet to go door-to-door to talk to fellow union members about the importance of getting out to vote on June 5th.

Blind occupational therapist, Kari Held, works with people with serious and persistent mental illness at the Day Treatment Center in Milwaukee County's Behavioral Health Department. Kari knows personally the type of devastation Scott Walker is willing to cause to further his own political career. In 2009, despite her then 20 years of service to Milwaukee County, Scott Walker proposed to eliminate her job and the entire Day Treatment Center. You can read the full Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story here. Despite her disability, Kari wanted to do her part to recall Walker. Accompanied by her service dog, Trista, she spent last Saturday afternoon at the Milwaukee Area Labor Council hand-stamping post cards that were hand-written by union members for union members. Now that's one special delivery!


Donate to WFNHP's S.O.S. Fund--Save Our Services/Save Our State

We have been contacted by members asking how they can contribute financially to our fight against Governor Walker's attacks on our members' collective bargaining rights, the fight to save the quality healthcare services our members provide to the public, and the fight to take back our state. Click here to make a voluntary donation to WFNHP's S.O.S. Fund--Save Our Services/Save Our State--via PayPal or any major credit card.