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About Us


WELCOME to the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals

The Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals (WFNHP) is affiliated with AFT Nurses & Health Professionals, the national healthcare division of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

WFNHP is a democratically run labor union of health professionals, committed to the growth and empowerment of its membership and all healthcare workers. WFNHP seeks to secure optimal working conditions and professional development for its members, while playing a leadership role in establishing high standards of clinical practice and patient care.


Save Lives, Save Money

On May 6th, we celebrate National Nurses Day. This year, the celebration is particularly special because we now over four million Americans who have signed up for quality, affordable health care. But we need to do more. The goals of health reform--improving the quality of healthcare while cutting costs--will be best served by focusing on safe staffing levels in hospitals and other care facilities. The truth is that if reform is going to succeed, we need to find a way to address the problem of staffing.




Mandatory Overtime - Bad for Nurses, Worse for Patients

Mandatory overtime affects both healthcare workers and healthcare consumers. In the past, mandatory overtime in healthcare was used only in response to unforeseen emergencies in acute care hospitals. Since the mid-1990's, hospitals have used mandatory overtime as standard practice in an attempt to cut costs by not hiring additional nurses. Nurses and other direct care staff are being required to work double shifts, often without any advance notice, which can also put a severe strain on their family obligations.