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Web site where anyone can go to find insurance options in their state. It's a very handy resource for information that used to be hard to find. It's available to help millions who need insurance find it, and as a resource for those who want to shop around for new options or find out their benefits under the new law. is the best web site for in-depth information on Health Reform.


We Are Milwaukee

We Are Milwaukee is an alliance of community-based organizations, labor unions, faith communities and local activists & leaders. We Are Milwaukee works through issues, elections, organizing and direct action to build a movement for social & economic justice.


United Wisconsin

United Wisconsin is a non-partisan registered PAC and grassroots organization working for the over one million Wisconsinites that signed petitions to recall Scott Walker and restore Wisconsin values.


Q & A Regarding Wisconsin's New Voter ID Law

Excellent summary of questions and answers regarding Wisconsin's new voter ID law.

Two separate judges, on March 6 and March 12, 2012, have issued injunctions preventing the Government Accountability Board from enforcing photo ID requirements in 2011 Act 23. The Wisconsin Department of Justice has appealed those injunctions, and the appeals have been certified to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which on April 16 sent them back to the respective Courts of Appeals.


Jobs With Justice

Jobs with Justice is a national network of local coalitions that bring together labor unions, faith groups, community organizations, and student activists to fight for working people. At Jobs with Justice, we believe that work should be valued. Good jobs are the cornerstone of strong, happy, healthy communities. Our mission is building a strong, progressive labor movement that works in coalition with community, faith, and student organizations to build a broader global movement for economic and social justice.





HealthWatch Wisconsin


A project of ABC for Health, Inc. HealthWatch Wisconsin is a statewide coalition of health care advocates, providers, social workers, educators, students and consumers dedicated to the communication among the health care, social service, and legal industries and and the sharing of information across communities and professions. Their mission is to focus and amplify the voices of heath care advocates across the state.


Center on Wisconsin Strategy

The Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan "think-and-do tank" dedicated to improving economic performance and living standards in the state of Wisconsin and nationally. Based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, COWS works to promote “high road” strategies that support living wages, environmental sustainability, strong communities, and public accountability.


Wisconsin Jobs Watch

Governor Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 new jobs during his first term in office. We will be tracking, not just the quantity, but the quality of those jobs. Working families can’t get by on empty rhetoric, low wages, or jobs without benefits. Follow Wisconsin Jobs Watch on Facebook.