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Mental Health Patients & Professionals Call on Abele to Stop Playing Politics with Fragile Lives

For Immediate Release          Contact: Jamie Lucas
April 1, 2016                                           720-621-3689

MILWAUKEE, WI--Nurses, community leaders, and mental health advocates have joined together to demand that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele stop playing politics with fragile lives. In spite of a gag order placed on all County employees by Abele, the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals (WFNHP) and the mental health community are calling on the County Executive to release critical information requested by a County Auditor in order to conduct a standard review of safety conditions at the County-operated Behavioral Health Division (BHD). Public officials have also expressed outrage that the secretive actions of the Abele administration have caused the safety review to be suspended.


Spring General Election Endorsements

Nobody's vote is more important than yours! We have a lot of concerns this election. We're sure you do, too. Now, let's make sure we do something about them! VOTE on Tuesday, April 5th for candidates who will stand up for working families. How you vote is a personal decision. Our union has researched the candidates' records and believes these are the best candidates:

U. S. President - Hillary Clinton (endorsed by our national union, AFT)

WI State Supreme Court Justice - Joanne Kloppenburg