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International Unions Choose Wisconsin to Begin Work on Global Campaign

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International Unions Choose Wisconsin to begin work on Global Campaign

Worldwide unions launch campaign for the common good


Quality Public Services—Action Now!


(Milwaukee, WI) -- At the request of the Public Services International, the Council of Global Unions, which includes both private and public sector global unions and the International Trade Union Confederation, have picked Wisconsin as one of the global sites to launch a campaign to protect public services.


Quality Public Services – Action Now! aims to advance public services for all people through unprecedented coordinated solidarity action across borders.


Through this campaign, private and public sector unions – from the American Midwest to the Middle East, Asia to Africa, Europe to South America – are uniting as never before to defend and advance the quality public services that keep communities strong.


Candice Owley, board member of Public Services International and President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, American Federation of Teachers, explained that "unions worldwide are working with a wide range of allies to build sustainable economies that benefit all people – not just a select few.  We welcome the launch of this campaign and are honored that Wisconsin will be a pilot location for the project.”


“At each and every turn Gov. Walker and his administration have tried to cripple public services in Wisconsin; first by attacking public worker’s right to collectively bargain and then by proposing a budget that slashes funding for local communities,” said Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.   “The Wisconsin labor movement is now teaming up with the global labor movement to ensure quality public services are protected across the globe.  The support from the international labor community has been overwhelming.  It is clear that our fight is a universal battle for justice and economic fairness.”


The Council of Global Unions recognizes that “as the initial flashpoint in a wave of similar attacks on the public sector in states across the United States, Wisconsin is an important place in which to begin the work of this global Quality Public Services—Action Now! campaign.  We pledge our full might to this campaign and declare our commitment to Stand with Wisconsin.”


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