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WFNHP Member Spends Off Days as Political Activist

Jim "Effy" Effenheim & his RECALL MOBILE

This video depicts the musical stylings of Jim "Effy" Effenheim, member and political activist of WFNHP Local 5001. Effy is an RN at Milwaukee County Behavioral Health. He spends his days off playing his accordian beside his RECALL MOBILE outside Senator Darling's campaign office(s) telling everyone in her district to vote for Sandy Pasch in the general election on August 9th.

"Effy" began his political activism in Madison this February, attending numerous rallies. He continued by creating a Recall Wagon (see photo below) which he took all over the metro-Milwaukee area during the recall signature collection events. Since the people of Wisconsin were successful in collecting enough signatures to hold recall elections in 6 of the Republica 8 districts, "Effy" has upgraded his little red recall wagon to a RECALL MOBILE. For the past few months, he has spent his days off driving his RECALL MOBILE to Sen. Darling's (R-River Hills) campaign offices. He parks, gets out and plays his accordian, waving to passers by and telling them to vote for Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) in the Recall Election for Senate District 8.

Jim "Effy" Effenheim & his little, red Recall Wagon.

"Effy" is always looking for volunteers to join him on his RECALL MOBILE. If you're interested, email us and we'll put you in touch with "Effy."

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