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STOP Right to Work in Wisconsin

Workers and community members from across the state are gearing up to make their voices heard and participate in democracy this week at the Capitol in order to STOP anti-worker Right to Work legislation in Wisconsin.

You can participate by attending one of the following rallies:

12 Noon - Tuesday, February 24th - Rally on the State Street side of the Capitol in Madison.

12 Noon - Wednesday, February 25th - Rally on the State Street side of the Capitol in Madison.

Want to carpool with us? Call the union office at 414-475-6065. Leave your name, cell phone number, and which date and location you prefer. We have carpools leaving the union office at 9am and returning at 3pm both days. We also have a carpool leaving from Burlington on Tuesday.

Can't attend a rally? You can still make your voice heard!

What You Can Do:

  1. Call your legislators today 1-844-334-3438 and ask them to vote against Right to Work in Wisconsin.

As a union member, you know your union gives you and your co-workers a strong voice in the workplace. Make your voice heard and speak out for fair wages, safe working conditions, worker rights and a strong middle classa.

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