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Join us! Tell Vos & Fitzgerald Give Our Healthcare Heroes a Vote!

Two people stand in the way of respecting nurses and health professionals with hazard pay and covered medical treatment related to COVID-19. Their names are Scott Fitzgerald and Robin Vos, and they are the Wisconsin state Senate and Assembly Majority Leaders. While we, healthcare workers, are on the frontlines doing our jobs during this pandemic, Fitzgerald and Vos need to do theirs and support the Healthcare Heroes Act. As of right now, they’ve received nearly 3,000 emails and phone calls urging them to support healthcare workers, but we haven’t seen any action. They need to:

  • Convene the legislature in a special session,
  • Call a vote on the Healthcare Heroes Act, and
  • Pass this bill that would finally give healthcare workers the hazard pay, free COVID-19 testing, and covered medical costs for any COVID-19 related treatment.

Why haven’t they responded? This is their job. They clearly haven’t gotten the message yet.

Nurses, housekeepers, nursing assistants, lab techs, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals have shown up every day to keep people safe. Let’s tell the Majority Leaders to show up for them.

Join us. Tell Fitzgerald and Vos to do their jobs and call a vote on the Healthcare Heroes Act.

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