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Call Your Senator NOW--STOP Right to Work in WI

WFNHP Local 5001's Connie Smith, surgical tech at St. Francis Hospital in Milwaukee, waited for hours to testify before the Senate Committee on Labor & Government yesterday, but was cut off when Senator Nass abruptly ended testimony, thereby shutting down the democratic process, to ram through a vote on the anti-worker Right to Work bill.

Attempting to silence the voices of its workers is a shameful way to conduct public policy in our state.

At a rally on the Capitol steps this afternoon, Connie told the crowd, "I'm here today because I will not be silenced. I will not let our elected officials push through a bill that would hurt Wisconsin families."

It's not too late to let your voice be heard. While the Senate session on SB 44 continues, call your Senator 1-844-334-3438 and ask them to STOP Right to Work in Wisconsin.

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