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Employer Responses to WFNHP Demands Re: COVID-19

We have requested a list of information and offered recommended actions for each employer to take to protect WFNHP members. We have received some responses to those requests and have compiled the answers and policies from your employers.

The Employer Response Chart (below) will be updated as information changes, so this is a resource for you and your co-workers to visit again and again as things go on and evolve. Each time this chart is updated, the newest information added will be in RED.

If you see something a different workplace is doing and want to implement it at your chapter, we can act on that together.

Contact WFNHP Executive Director, Jamie Lucas.

CHART: Employer Responses to WFNHP Demands Re: COVID-19

Updated 5-29-20 11:45 PM

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