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COVID-19 Resources for WFNHP Members

Last Updated: 5/8/2020 - 10:15 PM


COVID-19 Resources for WFNHP Members

Dear WFNHP Member - 

This is a running list of resources for our WFNHP members and all healthcare workers to help get through these trying times. If you have suggestions on things to add, email Jamie Lucas with your suggestion.

Childcare: - Since you are an essential employee as a healthcare worker, the State of Wisconsin has provided this resource if you are in need:

Your employer may offer childcare. This is the WFNHP list of employer responses to our requests for assistance and information. WFNHP requested assistance in creating safe, healthy childcare for our members. - This site rates different childcare facilities and may be helpful in your search for safe care. 

As Healthcare Professionals in the Workplace: - This is our national union’s comprehensive resource list for health professionals, often updated as guidelines and circumstances change. A great first place to look for COVID-19 information and its impact on you at your job. - What to do if you are asked to care for someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. - NEW! PPE and patient care: The right to be safe at work - A call to action:  Addressing the worldwide shortage of respirators and face protection for COVID-19 response. This includes an article from experts explaining aerosolization of the coronavirus and explaining other kinds of respirators that can be used. - OSHA guidance on access to respirators. - COVID-19 cleaning checklist for Environmental Service (EVS) workers. - Checklist for your facility’s procedures in dealing with the COVID crisis. - Impact of emergency declarations on collective bargaining. - Preparing for conversations with managers about COVID plans. - OSHA resource page for COVID-19.

Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals:

The Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals, Local 5000, AFT, AFL-CIO (WFNHP) does not endorse, and is in no way responsible for the services of any of these resources. This is merely a compilation of available options based on recommendations of our community. WFNHP is in no way responsible or liable for anything related to anyone’s experience with a service listed here, nor do we hold any interest in any business linked here that is not expressly linked to membership in WFNHP. - Free or low cost therapy options for healthcare workers dealing with the impact of COVID related stress. - Stress management help as a healthcare worker. - Trauma counseling and services for union members only. If you pay dues, you qualify for this. - NEW! AFT COVID-19 Grief Counseling: This benefit from our national union, AFT, is for union members or retired union members who have lost an immediate family member (spouse/partner, child, sibling, parent or grandparent) to COVID19, or for the immediate family member of a union member who has died from COVID-19. The program provides an assessment and two hours of grief counseling from Masters Level therapists.

List of local mental helath resources (coming soon)

Federal Legislation RE: COVID-19: | - Healthcare Provisions in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (passed 3/27/20) & Healthcare-related Provisions in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (passed 3/18/20)


Studies/Reports: - Factsheet - List of several studies demonstrating evidence of aerosolization of COVID-19. Here is evidence to help you make your case for respiratory protection for members caring for suspected and confirmed COVID-19. Use this resource if the employer claims that COVID-19 is primarily spread through droplet and contact transmission and is not aerosolized.

Where to Donate PPE's:

If you or anyone you know has PPE's to donate, they may drop them off between 7am - 7pm at the Wisconsin State Fair - Gate 5 (entrance on 84th Street & Schlinger Avenue).

Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Governor Tony Evers is asking us to come together to help those on the frontlines in communities that need PPE’s.You can now donate or sell large quantities of PPE’s to Wisconsin communities that need it the most. The state is currently seeking the following items: surgical gowns, face/surgical masks, gloves, N-95 Particulate Respirators, isolation gowns, face shields, Tyvek coveralls, thermometers and foot coverings.

Other Resources:

NEW! Here is a comprehensive list of resources for workers affected by COVID-19 made by the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO -

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