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PRESS RELEASE: Planned Parenthood Workers Win Their Union in Historic Vote, Uniting for Stronger Care Across Wisconsin

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Friday, February 8, 2024

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Planned Parenthood Workers Win Their Union in Historic Vote, Uniting for Stronger Care Across Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE – The Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals is proud to announce a significant victory for the dedicated healthcare workers of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, as they have successfully won their union election with 81% of the vote yesterday. Following a democratic process, employees across various roles within the organization have chosen to unionize, marking a pivotal moment in the history of reproductive healthcare advocacy and the resurgence of the labor movement in Wisconsin. We expect the National Labor Relations Board to certify the election in the coming days.

“As we said from day one, we proudly form this union to improve our ability to care for the patients we see each and every day. Collective bargaining will center our experience, expertise, and passion from the frontlines to mold the way we deliver care,” said Andrea, a Nurse Practitioner and employee of 5 years. “I chose to provide healthcare at Planned Parenthood for a reason, and I’ve chosen to organize a union with my coworkers for that same reason: the patients, the work, and the workers deserve the best. My coworkers and I have voted to help secure and shape the direction of our work for the future.”

She continued, “To all my fellow healthcare workers out there: you can organize and win, too! We need to be at the table where decisions are made because of our experience directly caring for our patients. The only way to do this is by organizing a union and building a better reality together. Join us!”

WFNHP President, Connie Smith, added, “I could not be prouder to welcome the amazing healthcare workers of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to our union. While healthcare workers are struggling through unprecedented challenges, many are coming together to improve their lives and better care for their patients by forming a union. There is power in a union, and our union will continue to use our power to guarantee that all healthcare is a human right.”

This victory is only the first step in strengthening the mission of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. The focus has always been to bargain for and secure a collective bargaining agreement that will establish legally binding protections and processes that will improve the lives of the workforce, their families, their patients, and fortify the organization. We look forward to working collaboratively and fairly with the employer via collective bargaining.



 Wisconsin FNHP represents nurses & health professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin and is the local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers healthcare division, which represents more than 130,000 nurses and health professionals in a variety of disciplines and settings.




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