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PRESS RELEASE: Planned Parenthood Workers Unite for Stronger Care and Form Union Across Wisconsin

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

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Planned Parenthood Workers Unite for Stronger Care and Form Union Across Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE – In a historic move aimed at fostering long-term sustainability for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, healthcare workers from clinics across the state have joined forces to establish a union. Their initiative seeks to empower those at the forefront of patient care by providing them with a formal voice in shaping the conditions under which they work.
“We proudly form this union to improve our ability to care for the patients we see each and every day. Collective bargaining will center our experience, expertise, and passion from the frontlines to mold the way we deliver care,” said Andrea, a Nurse Practitioner and employee of 5 years. “I chose to provide healthcare at Planned Parenthood for a reason, and I’ve chosen to organize a union with my coworkers for that same reason: the patients, the work, and the workers deserve the best.”
Delia, a Health Care Assistant, added, “I am excited about organizing so that all employees will have an equal voice, space and value within our organization, no matter what position they may be. We are all on the same team, working for the same mission, and the only way forward is to support one another.”
“I take pride in providing quality care to our patients. We are the ones on the frontline seeing the direct impact of our work at Planned Parenthood, so we know best how our services are implemented. Joining together in a union will ensure that we can better advocate for our patients and ourselves,” said Emily, a Nurse Practitioner.

In an era marked by unprecedented challenges for healthcare professionals across the country, the formation of this union reflects the dedication of Planned Parenthood healthcare workers to overcoming shared obstacles. By collectively addressing issues that impact their work environment, these caregivers aim to enhance patient care, contribute to a more supportive workplace, and strengthen the fabric of their communities.

At a time when both Planned Parenthood and organized labor have faced political attacks, this groundbreaking unionization represents a critical step towards fortifying the strength of both. By fostering collaboration between the healthcare workers who deliver critical services, and the organization whose mission the workers hold close to their hearts, this unionization represents an opportunity for Planned Parenthood and organized labor to create a model of unity that transcends political challenges. Together, we hope to chart a course that goes beyond merely weathering the storm but actively reshaping the narrative and demonstrating the power of authentic solidarity.


 Wisconsin FNHP represents nurses & health professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin and is the local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers healthcare division, which represents more than 130,000 nurses and health professionals in a variety of disciplines and settings.

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