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Nurses & Health Professionals Applaud Statewide Mask Mandate


For Immediate Release:

July 30, 2020

Contact: Jamie Lucas, 720-621-3689


Nurses and Health Professionals Applaud Statewide Mask Mandate


WISCONSIN -- Following Governor Evers’ statewide order requiring masks or face coverings while indoors, healthcare workers across the state enthusiastically support this commonsense action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Jeff Weber, RN and President of the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals said, “This action is necessary and long overdue. A public health emergency like COVID-19 requires a coordinated public response, and we all have a role to play if we’re serious about saving lives. This order is the right thing to do and demonstrates a respect for the courage and conviction displayed by every healthcare worker who has been doing their part throughout this pandemic to keep our society healthy. We cannot beat this alone.”

“Our members have seen the discomfort of a ventilator,” he continued. “They’ve been the only ones there to comfort their patients as they lie alone in their hospital beds. We need to put people over politics. For everyone wanting to support and thank a healthcare worker, wearing a mask is a great step to take. Thank you, Governor Evers, for leading with science.”

Angelina Wyatt, RN, added, “We need support on the frontlines. This is a necessary action that will keep the people of Wisconsin safer. We need to do more to support nurses and healthcare workers, but this is a crucial step that has been missing. My health and my family’s safety are jeopardized each day I go to work. Knowing I’ll be a little less at risk with more people acting responsibly is a comfort to me and my loved ones.”  



Wisconsin FNHP represents nurses & health professionals throughout the state of Wisconsin and is the local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers healthcare division, which represents more than 130,000 nurses and health professionals in a variety of disciplines and settings.

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