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WFNHP Leaders Speak Out for Patients & Staff Against Secrecy & Half-Truths from Abele Administration

On Thursday, March 24th, WFNHP leaders attended one of the only Milwaukee County Mental Health Board meetings open to public comment. Members testified about their concerns for the safety of the patients and staff at the Behavioral Health Division (BHD), and the lack of adequate resources and staff in all County health programs that care for the critically ill. WFNHP also testified about the lack of transparency by current County Executive, Chris Abele, and his administration in providing the County auditor records regarding patient and staff safety at BHD--which was never a problem with previous administrations. "Abele's private control of public services is dangerous and compromises the safety of the community, patients and staff. His recent refusal to cooperate with the county auditor further promotes an environment of secrecy," said Jeff Weber, RN, president of the Milwaukee County Chapter of WFNHP.

WFNHP believes the taxpayers, patients and staff deserve better. We deserve transparency! We deserve honesty! And, we deserve quality!

Click here to read the March 26, 2016 article by Lisa Kaiser of the Shepherd Express.

Listen to the testimony by WFNHP:
Testimony of Angelina Wyatt, RN & Vice President of Milwaukee County Chapter of WFNHP

Testimony of Janice Winkowski-Rodriguez, RN & Member of WFNHP

Testimony of Jamie Lucas, WFNHP Lead Organizer

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