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WFNHP Launches 'Healthcare for All' Co-op with Citizen Action of Wisconsin

On June 15th the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals (WFNHP) & Citizen Action of Wisconsin launched a 60-day drive to create an organizing cooperative dedicated to fighting to make healthcare a fundamental human right.

WFNHP President Candice Owley on 'Healthcare for All Co-op:"
“Our fight for high-quality, affordable healthcare didn’t begin with Obamacare and it won’t end with any version of Trumpcare. We’ve partnered with Citizen Action to create an alternative, a ‘Healthcare for All’ Co-op. This partnership brings together the voices of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and patients to transform our healthcare system. We know from the work our members do inside our communities that individuals want their voices to be heard, not shut out. Lawmakers should work together with those most severely affected by healthcare reform, to help fix what’s broken but also maintain the benefits the ACA has afforded them. Working behind closed doors in Washington is not the answer. Together, we can build a better healthcare system—one that is centered on providing high-quality care, not on turning profits. Every responsible legislator in the country who shares the vision of affordable healthcare should join our movement.”

You can watch a full video of the launch event on Facebook live here. You can also watch a radio interview with organizer, Katie Dunn, on Resistance Radio 1510 on the Earl Ingram Show here.

Read the statement released Thursday night by our national union (AFT) President Randi Weingarten here


For the 60-day drive to succeed in attracting the 280 new co-op members needed to establish it as a permanent project, we need our leaders, members and friends to join us. Get more information on the 'Healthcare for All Co-op' here.  

If you have more questions about the co-op, email WFNHP Executive Director, Jamie Lucas.

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