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WFNHP Fall 2020 General Election Endorsements

Hazard pay, paid quarantine leave, and covered medical costs are on your ballot. Vote for the people who have your back. It’s been about 200 days since the Wisconsin legislature passed a bill or held a vote on any legislation. Meanwhile, almost 2,000 Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19. You’ve been overworked every day of this pandemic, and things just keep getting worse. These candidates have affirmed their support for your right to hazard pay, paid leave, and covered medical costs. We urge you to support them because they support you. Every candidate listed here would push for introduction of and vote in favor of the Healthcare Heroes Act. If their names aren’t listed, then they have decided they do not support this bill and the things healthcare workers need right now.

If you do not know your voting district numbers, please go to to look them up. Then, check out our Fall 2020 Candidate Endorsement list to see if your Wisconsin Senate and Assembly candidates support the Wisconsin Healthcare Heroes Act.

PDF iconfinal-wfnhp_fall_2020_candidate_endorsements.pdf

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