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Member Spotlight - Linda Morgan

Linda Morgan ~ Cumberland Care & Rehab Chapter

Meet our featured member, Linda Morgan, an LPN at Cumberland Care & Rehab. Linda started working at the hospital in Cumberland about 2 1/2 years ago, when the nursing home was still part of the hospital, and stayed after the takeover by Senior Management in January of 2017. She started her journey as a CNA at 19 years old, and patient care has been a part of who she is for over 40 years. Linda says, "Nursing was not my first choice! I previously worked as a full time Paramedic, part time CPR/First-Aid Instructor, and part time Death Investigator. Although I did perform some nursing duties part time at the local hospital ER and County nursing home at the same time."

When asked about her chosen career, Linda said, "I enjoyed a tremendously rewarding career in Emergency Services, appreciated what my knowledge and experience brought to my chosen field, and felt privileged to serve my community. I can honestly say, that in each case, be that holding someone's hand to comfort or performing and applying life-saving techniques and strategies, each case brought me closer to humanity, helped me understand how fragile life can be, and taught me a profound lesson in compassion and caring." She finds nursing, although a much different environment, continues to test her skills, allows her to utilize her knowledge, training, and compassion, when addressing the medical and emotional needs of her geriatric patients. Linda further stated, "So, here I am, following the path that I believe teaches me to be a better person, by serving those who are vulnerable, in need, perhaps frightened and confused. As countless nurses do every day, calm the storm that rages in our patients' minds, bodies, and souls. Nurses pursue and achieve through knowledge, skill and heart, to strive to make another person's life a little better, however we can achieve that."

Linda believes having a union at her workplace is paramount in recognizing and implementing measures to improve the environment for all employees; and, to bring changes that enhance employee satisfaction, as well as promote a sense of investment. Linda explained, "What I mean by this is, when you demonstrate to your employees that they are an integral part of your success, and you appreciate their contributions and hard work, people will work harder to maintain that image. Through our union, we educate our employer of the value of a good employee. And, just as importantly, our union gives us a voice to be heard, and the right to speak and be acknowledged. Unions bring solidarity and strength to those who feel their feelings or opinions do not matter, and recognize the importance of each individual working to provide a better life for their families and their communities."

Linda became involved in her union because she believes she is strong enough to fight for the rights of her co-workers, by actively listening, remaining neutral, and not personalizing issues. She went on to say, "I fully understand how unions have made incredible improvements for the working class, and how hard they fought and struggled to give us the rights we now enjoy and take for granted today!"  

Linda lives in Cumberland with her husband and her mother, and her son lives close by. She loves to read, learn, and experience life around her. She enjoys yard work, going out into the woods, and camping with her dog. She is an avid animal lover, and would love to find time to volunteer at an animal shelter someday.  


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