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WFNHP Local 5000 Executive Board, Chapter Officers & Staff Contact Info

A complete list of Worksite (Chapter) Union Reps can be found under the Executive Board leadership list.

WFNHP Local 5000 Executive Board
(Term of Office: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2025)

PRESIDENT:  Connie Smith (Ascension-St. Francis Serv/Tech)

EXEC. VICE PRES.: Barb Pomasl (Non Barg Unit)

SECRETARY:  Rachel Spotz (Aurora Burlington)

TREASURER:  John Epple (Non Barg Unit)

VP-at-Large:  Louie Borda (WDL)

VP-at-Large:  Mary Milton (Non Barg Unit)

VP-at-Large:  April Menke (Ascension-St. Francis RN)  *as of 3/24


Ascension-St. Francis RN: Tracey Schwerdtfeger

Ascension-St. Francis Serv/Tech: Connie Smith

Aspirus Langlade:  Danielle Majewski

Aurora Burlington:  Rachel Spotz

Cumberland Care & Rehab:  VACANT

Cumberland Hospital RN's:  Andrea Hulett  *as of 6/23

Cumberland Hospital Serv/Tech:  Kari Perzichilli  *Acting President as of 2/24

Milwaukee VA Medical Center:  Zachary Corley

Touchpoint:  Tishana Collins  *Acting President as of 11/23

Wisconsin Diagnostic Labs:  Louie Borda

WFNHP Local 5000 Chapter Officers & Stewards
(Term of Office: January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2024)

PLEASE NOTE: As leaders come and go this section will be updated, so please check back often. If you need assistance and are unable to reach one of your Chapter's leaders at the worksite, please contact WFNHP's Administrative Assisant, Amy Kosloske at​ for their contact info.

Ascension-St. Francis Hospital RN Chapter (Milwaukee, WI)

President:  Tracey Schwerdtfeger (ED)
Vice Pres.: Mikeaela Pauc (Surgery)
Sec.: Val Gorospe (3rd fl)

Ascension-St. Francis Hospital Serv/Tech Chapter (Milwaukee, WI)

President:  Connie Smith (Surgery)
Sec.:  Kellie Lutz (3rd fl)
Chief Steward:  Nadezhda Young (ED)
Steward: Gavin Rice (Ultrasound)

Aspirus-Langlade Hospital Chapter (Antigo, WI)

President: Danielle Majewski (Birthing Center)

Aurora Burlington Hospital Chapter (Burlington, WI)

President:  Rachel Spotz (ICU)
Chief Steward:  Dan Gage (Emerg Dept)
Worksite Rep: Sadie Peters (ICU)

Cumberland Care & Rehab Chapter (Cumberland, WI)

*Please contact WFNHP Office if you need assistance or are interested in becoming a union rep for Cumberland Care & Rehab.

Cumberland Hospital RN Chapter (Cumberland, WI)

President:  Andrea Hulett (Med Surg)
Vice Pres.:  Tiffany Carr *as of 8/23
Steward:  Tammy Becker (Social Services) & Anna Estrada (ED) *as of 8/23

Cumberland Hospital Serv/Tech Chapter (Cumberland, WI)

Acting President:  Kari Perzichilli (Specialty Clinic) *as of 2/24
Vice Pres.:  Shane Koger *as of 3/24
Steward:  Adelaida Cruz-Cruz (Med Surg) & Kayla Noland (Radiology) *as of 7/23
Steward (CMAs):  Shane Koger *as of 3/24

Milwaukee VA Medical Center (VA Staff Nurses Council Local 5032) (Milwaukee, WI)

President:  Zachary Corley (Surgical Subspecialties)
Vice President:  Stephani Lohman (SCI)
Chief Steward:  Jarrod Barber (ACRP) *as of 10/23
Alternate Chief Steward:  Monica Lueking-David (RECC) *as of 12/23
Treasurer:  Carla Bednarek (Cardiac Cath Lab)

Email: (For Weingarten meetings you may aslo want to contact the union office or your Officers at their VA email addresses, to make sure you receive a more timely response.)

Touchpoint Chapter (St. Francis Hospital)

Acting President: Tishana Collins (EVS) *as of 11/23
Sec.: Crystal Allender (EVS)
Chief Steward:  Kyme Triggs (FNS) *as of 1/24
Steward:  Carmelita Arteaga (EVS) *as of 1/24

Wisconsin Diagnostic Labs (WDL) Chapter (Milwaukee, WI)

President:  Louie Borda (Cytogentics)
Vice Pres.:  Piper Hogan (Hematology)
Stewards:  Ryan Kuehn (Hematology), Morgan Krikelas (Blood Bank) *as of 12/23 & Alex Oelerich (Blood Bank) *as of 2/24


Executive Director:  Jamie Lucas​ or 720-621-3689

Administrative Assistant:  Amy Kosloske​ or 414-475-6065
 (Please contact Amy for all Membership/Dues related issues.)

Bookkeeper: Stacy De Pons

If you would like more information about becoming a union rep for your worksite please contact the WFNHP Office.

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