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Email Your Legislators TODAY! Tell Them to Vote "NO" for Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill


Governor Walker has introduced a bill that will destroy our members’ bargaining rights. While much of the headlines focus on State employees the legislation will also apply to all our City and County members. The effect of the law will be to eliminate the right to bargain over any thing but base wages for ALL public employees. We would no longer be able to bargain over work schedules, vacations, shifts, differentials, seniority, layoff, or even over unjust discipline or termination. Contracts would basically be one page listing of the wage rates and would only be good for one year. Each year their would be another vote even to have a union.

Make no mistake—this is not about balancing the State budget, or whether employees should pay more for benefits—this is about destroying the union in Wisconsin. If this legislation passes next up will be elimination of Wisconsin Family Medical Leave and bargaining rights for private sector workers. We must stop this attack now. Email your legislators TODAY!